XelK’s mission

We want to break the barrier, of the supposedly sexual, perverted, reprehensible, forbidden, and open up to discover unknown aesthetics. Raise awareness for our lifestyle, show alternatives, possibilities and chances to become yourself.

A journey through what is socially accepted to what is beneath the surface of normal.

Why is something perceived as it is? Isn't everything in a way sexual and at the same time innocent? If everyone participating is consenting, are there any borders left?

Fetishes: Some love shoes or woolen sweaters. Others materials like nylon, metal or dirt. Where do these unspoken rules come from, that you are allowed to show yourself in bath clothes but not in underwear? Is a body covered in latex really more sexual than one almost naked?

Where are the roots of our perception? How is it influenced by gender and how is our gender influenced by our perception?

We want to explore these worlds of different aesthetics and discover the colorfulness within the usually frowned upon. Break barriers of gender and own our kinks.

Even make our kinks accessible to our audience. Questioning reality and answering fantasy. Be open minded to accept kink as normal.

Follow us into this bizarre world of lust and caution. Not just to show what is beautiful to us, but to open up worlds of interesting experiences to our audience.

Colorful is our normal!