Fetish Critique #1

Metala Remont (artist: Agna Devi, Russia)

Tada, ladies and gentlemen, honored readers, this is the first in a series of fetish critiques, where I want to look at certain works of fetish media as works of art and review / analyze them as such. Erotica have been a part of the arts since the beginning (some even view the Venus of Willendorf as the first erotic artwork (or maybe toy) man has ever created) and so it is my goal to discover and describe different works of fetish art, be it pictures, videos or performances, which I find intriguing here and share it with whoever might be interested. Of course arts and fetish are already intertwined (just look at the likes of Sasha “Aquaaerobika” Frolova (Russia) or Saeborg (Japan)), so these critiques are considered a small, footnote-like contribution to all the kinky and strange things out there.

And so we begin with our first object:
“Metala Remont” by Agna Devi
Youtube-Link to their music video(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WN6HDvaT9gk)

Part 1: Analysis
The self-proclaimed “Fetish Music Band” Metala Remont has exactly two videos on its youtube channel (with one being the trailer for the other), both of which have been uploaded in November 2012 (and nothing ever since, so it’s safe to assume that the whole thing was a one-shot project). Nothing else about the band can be found except for some promotional photos on Agna Devi’s (abandoned) livejournal (https://agnafetish.livejournal.com/171040.html). The video/song itself seems to be called Пой (which translates to “Sing”). I’d love to talk about the lyrics (of wich there a basically two), alas I don’t speak Russian – if you do, please don’t hesitate to comment. The band consists of three rubber women who are all completely dressed in black latex catsuits, big, punke-like boots and individual gasmasks (which have been decorated with spikes): ВЕРА (FAITH), НАДЕЖДА (HOPE) and ЛЮБОВЬ (LOVE). One thing that strikes the eye is the use of the color red in the costumes and the instruments: As well as being a nice contrast for the otherwise dark/grey visuals of the video the bright neon red is used to highlight the instruments as well as give the masks an edgy and kinky look. Each band member has also individual pictures on the eyes of their masks, a star, a smiley and an nuclear sign. The three rubber women perform the video on three locations, the first being a cellar or underground tunnel, the second being a fetish room (we see LOVE strapped to a rubber bed while the other two are playing with her – if there’s been any doubt so far, that this is indeed a fetish video, now it should be clear) and the third looks like a rehearsal space (and is the only one we see a drum set in). The women perform in an aggressive style, confronting a dynamic camera with fast cuts.

Part 2: Background
Although the channel has no “owner” and there’s nothing listed under the info site, it’s safe to assume that the mind behind the whole thing is Russian fetish photographer and model Agna Devi. Devi is best known for her works with full rubber catsuits (or zentai suits) from a few years back of which you can still find photos and videos (e.g. this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ykrp-moZEfs), but judging from her last activities on her twitter, her livejournal, her deviantart, her vk and basically every other account you can find without speaking Russian she doesn’t seem to be active anymore (and that for quite some time now). Since Devi took part in most of her performances herself it’s safe to assume that one of the rubber women might be her.
The identity of another performer on the other hand is certain: HOPE (tubes for hair and stars on her mask) has revealed her identity to the public, she’s Russian DJane Татьяна GAGA Скаковская/Tatyana GAGA Skakovskaya. She is still very active on her instagram (which contains no futher links to Agna Devi besides the one repost of the video). I have contacted her asking for further information and background about the video (no answer so far unfortunately).
Other credits include Алексей Грызлов/Alexey Gryzlov for the music arrangement, Барсук базе/Badger Basis for the recording, Жоре/Zhore and Курту/Kurt for something (special thanks) and ADart (AD = Agna Devi?) for the editing.

Part 3: Review
Agna Devi’s work is known for a playful handling of its fetish contents, her suits always being in bright colors (see above video link), her models active and playful. The same thing goes for this video: Her performers are energetic and do seem to have fun with their costumes/roles, the three women are portrayed as powerful and dominant with a self-deprecating undertone: The sequence on the bed for example alludes to BDSM-scenarios but is immediately undermined by the performers acting just a bit too childlike for the situation (FAITH and HOPE rocking LOVE), which gives the three latex dominatrixes a funny quality while clearly being full aware of their erotic attributes. Also if you look at the promo photos there’s more than one with the guitar being depicted as a phallus. So, yeah, these performers know what they’re implying.
One thing I’m not sure about is if the band actually plays anything or of it’s a Milli-Vanilli-kind-of situation (or in one word: playback). You see the instruments being played and it seems that the performers know how to handle them (at least for the layman’s eye, please feel free to correct). Who provides the vocals cannot be determined from the video.

Part 4: Verdict
Metala Remont is one more crazy idea of Agna Devi in which she clearly put a lot of creative energy and effort into: The costumes and the performers are stunning, the energy is great and (a)rousing and I’ve not yet seen anything like it (and am a bit sad that there most probably won’t be any more). The promo photos as well as the video show that there’s been a lot of work so it seems dazzling that this never went anywhere. I can only imagine how hypnotizing a live performance of this trio infernale would have been: An actual fetish band dressed in this kind of costumes performing live on stage? That would be a whole different deal to the usual DJing you normally get at parties. Alas the short length of the video (2:11) points to it being a small experiment, a divertissement, if you pardon my (actual) French. All in all it’s a fun albeit short watch with stunning performers, so put your headphones over your gasmask / rubber hood and have a listen to this forgotten and strange gem. HOPE, LOVE and FAITH will let you into their world for a good two minutes – and will then vanish.