Quink Culture

Quink Culture – that means Queer and Kinky Culture. XelK’s mission is to elevate kinky art to a professional level.

For that we frequently collaborate with art, theatre, music and photography professionals as well as events to produce performances and shows. Our team consists of kinky people of all backgrounds and from different fields of expertise, like psychology, sexology, sociology, music and professional art.

Oftentimes our performances involve interaction with the audience as well as public interventions which pose the question of how our society handles its fetishes and desires. Our goal is to contribute to fetish being accepted as an art form of its own by producing high quality works in different genres.

The core of our work is performance art: Our material is the human body which we analyze and transform through the use of fetish aesthetics and the kink/BDSM-subculture.

All our performances are based around the concept of turning people into something different, let the every day person disappear behind a new, colorful and mysterious kinky persona.

We ask how masks change the understanding of our identity, not as a question of „What is our true self?“ but rather of „What can I be, what are my potentials?“. Inspired by the mask theatre we like to delve into the full potential of transforming our identities, turning ourselves into creatures, objects and personified desires.