Painting Pink Poodles

Kinky Live Drawing with René de Sans at the (digital) Karada House

It is a surreal experience, through and through: Not only do we draw a person in lingerie and a pink poodle mask, which in itself would be a surreal enough situation, but we’re also doing this from our living rooms via a jitsi video conference setup with artist and Karada House co-founder René de Sans. Oh, the miracles of modern technology!

I joined Kinky Live Drawing, because it was a Sunday afternoon during the times of Corona and the concept sounded interesting enough: Just drawing kinky stuff with a live model while getting tipps from René — explicitly no talent needed? Since I can’t draw, sounds good to me!

A kinky poodle lady

René held the lesson in a very secure setting: Everybody’s audio and video was muted, so you were completely safe — drawing kinky poses is hard enough by itself so it’s actually nice that nobody’s „watching you“ doing it. That felt comfortable and gave you room to try out stuff on your paper. Only René and the model were visible — and after each round the pictures of the fellow attendees.

„Round“: The lesson was made up in different rounds, with a few warm-up exercises — drawing fast in order to not to overthink it; drawing without looking at your paper — through which René guided us in a calm and absolutely-no-pressure manner. After that the model tried different costumes and poses all of which gave us the opportunity to focus on different parts of the body and its pose. 

These boots are not made for walking

I was actually surprised to see what I was able to produce even without having any kind of significant talent in the matter! Even with my fellow „classmates“ being exceptionally good artists I still felt comfortable as a beginner, thanks to Renés lovely feedback. 

So I highly recommend you checking out their website and see for yourself what they have to offer during these challenging times. Maybe you’ll discover the kinky artist in yourself?

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