We produce a lot of different forms of performance art in order to show the public a broad and diverse palette of possibilities: Our core discipline is the live act, be it on stage or in public, our shows are constructed around the principle of letting the audience meet our otherworldly personas. We conduct mysterious rituals, float through dreamy ballet shows, bring you freaky comedy and turn every sidewalk into a catwalk.

The interaction with our audience reaches its full potential in our walking acts: When our actresses and actors turn themselves into otherworldly beings by dressing up in extravagant costumes, they grant a glimpse into another reality and make you reflect on your own position towards what the body, clothes and other beings actually mean to you.

We also work with other art forms through collaborations with photographers, musicians and theatre makers: Be it creating a coffee table book about the mapping of the orgasmic process in one single picture, the accompaniment of a kinky punk band in music videos or acting on stage for new and daring operas, we seek out those collaborations to elevate kinky art to the next level.

Did you ever want to meet a kinky creature face to face? XelK provides walking acts for parties, gallery openings, concerts, events, you name it. Our trained performers turn themselves into otherworldly latex creatures and objects, lock themselves into boxes, dance while wearing a balloon around their head or are stapled to the wall.

XelK’s walking acts are surprising, dreamy, mysterious and funny – and always accessible for the audience.

XelK also creates party concepts and produces events with a special twist: Be it for a few extraordinary performance act you don’t see every day or through directing a whole set up for the evening, our goal is to turn parties into more than just „music, drinks and dances“:

Our audience is amazed by what they can experience together and so the party is turned into an event they surely remember.

The oldest form of performance is the ritual — and it’s what most people associate with fetish art (especially if they know Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece Eyes Wide Shut). XelK uses rituals as a mysterious and chilling safe space in wich the audience can experience a mystic performance and also participate in it guided by professional performers:

They have the chance to being initiated into a higher form of kinky consciousness and at the same time can try out artistic and theatrical performance for themselves.

Our ritual pieces are an exciting, erotic and enlightening experience one must see with one’s own eyes!

With many theatre professionals in our team we’re always searching for new ways to connect our aesthetic with stage plays and performances: XelK participated in professional opera productions — although very experimental stuff, which is just our thing! These experiences also play a huge part in our performance work, which is inspired by contemporary performance and theatre art.

Our performers and models receive professional acting training through our professional coaches and rehearse every production on a professional level. We’re working on big productions for 2021 and 2022.

When the kinky hits the mundane: XelK shows its fetish faces also in public! In our public interventions we animate the city streets with people in … let’s say „not everyday clothes“!

Our goal is to give people the opportunity to experience kink for themselves and by that reduce prejudice towards other lifestyles and sexual identities. Our public appearances are meticulously rehearsed to playfully challenge the audience’s idea of everyday life.